9 things you need to know about Custom Segment Displays

Dec 10, 2021 | Articles

9 things you need to know about custom segment displays


  1. Custom segment LCD displays
  2. How do segment LCDs work?
  3. For what reason do you require a Custom LCD Display?
  4. Drive methods of custom segment LCDs.
  5. LCD interconnections
  6. Viewing angles in LCD displays:
  7. Background analysis for planning a custom LCD
  8. Benefits of custom segment displays
  9. Typical technology utilized in segment LCD displays
  10. Conclusion

There are many things you need to know about custom LCDs when you start making a new design. How they work; why you need it; driving methods of it; connection types; viewing angles; how to choose a suitable type for your product; what are the advantages and disadvantages of it, etc.

1. Custom segment LCD displays

Custom segment LCD displays are realistic presentations that are a favorite choice among items like indoor regulators, kitchen apparatuses, clinical gadgets, mechanical meters.

A custom segment LCD is an ideal answer for items that require an adaptable, practical, low-power show alternative.

Custom segment display LCDs are monochrome fluid precious stone showcases where the components on the board are isolated into portions that can either be apparent (on) or covered up (off).

Custom segment LCD displays

2. How do segment LCDs work?

LCDs use the light balancing properties of fluid precious stones which can be seen by utilizing polarizing channels. Polarizing channels are premium materials that have their particles adjusted similarly. On the off chance that the light waves going through polarisers have a similar direction as the channel, then, at that point, the atoms of lights are consumed by the channel, subsequently lessening the power of light going through it, making it noticeable.
In Layman’s language, when an electric flow is applied to the anodes, such as the portion line and normal line, it contorts the Liquid Crystals w.r.t to the polarizing channel, blocking the light in that specific region as displayed in the figure beneath. Thus, that region becomes more obscure and unmistakable.

How do segment LCDs work?

3. For what reason do you require a custom LCD Display?

    A custom LCD is significant for amplifying the effectiveness of the showcase region by adding custom images and characters. It likewise helps in decreasing the expense and further developing the energy proficiency of the item. A higher number of custom images and a determined situation of mathematical and alphanumeric characters make the presentation more valuable and understandable for the client. This makes it look better compared to the regular exhausting presentations we get on the lookout. Besides, we can determine the review point, contrast, and different determinations, which can expand solidity or give a special incentive for cash for our planned use. A run-of-the-mill Custom Segment show is displayed underneath, and we will likewise tell you the best way to plan and create a similar further in the article. The LCD show doesn’t produce any light of its own. Subsequently, it requires an outside wellspring of enlightenment or reflector to be discernible in dull conditions.

    For what reason do you require a custom LCD display

    Show Types

    While planning a custom section LCD show, we influence picking a ton of boundaries that influence the eventual outcome, from the shade of the presentation to the brightening strategy and shade of light just as the sort of info pins. Some significant contemplations we need to take while planning a custom 7 section show are – the sort of show, for example, positive or negative, enlightenment strategy, driving procedure, polarizing type, and association technique. Every one of these plan rules is clarified beneath:

    LCD show types

    Positive and Negative Displays:

    Positive and negative presentations can be handily recognized by the shade of the foundation and characters.
    Anyway, which one would it be advisable for you to pick? When the presentations are utilized in regions with higher surrounding light, we should choose positive section LCD shows as they have preferable perceived ability over bad fragment LCD shows without a backdrop illumination.

    Positive and negative displays

    Light Technique:

    As we realize that LCD shows don’t transmit any light, thus to enlighten it and make it appear in a dull climate, we can utilize various strategies for brightening. The most widely recognized LCD Illumination techniques are looked at underneath:
    For shows that should be utilized for financial plan cordial gadgets that ought to be little and rough, LED lights are liked for the presentations because of the incredible strength and minimal expense of activities. For high splendor, CCFL and Incandescent lights can be utilized.

    Light technique of LCD

    LCD Polarizers:

    A polarizer film is the leading segment of an LCD show, making it conceivable to show characters by controlling the light. Three kinds of polarizers can be utilized in the LCD show. The properties and distinctions are given underneath:
    Assuming your items should be utilized with a switchable backdrop illumination, trans-intelligent reflectors are ideal to be used for front reflectors. Considering the gadget must be used without a backdrop illumination, we can choose an intelligent polarizer for the back-board as it gives the best difference proportion.

    LCD polarizers

    4. Custom Segment LCD – Drive Methods:

    It directs how each section is associated with the presentation. There are two drive strategies, static drive, and Multiplex drive.
    If your presentations have fewer portions, a static LCD drive is liked as it is simpler to control, less expensive to develop, and has a superior difference proportion. Yet, suppose that if the number of portions in the showcase is more than 30-40, then a multiplex LCD drive ought to be liked as it has different regular pins, thus lessening the complete number of pins needed to drive the presentation.

    Driver methods of custom segment LCD

    5. LCD Interconnections

    LCD interconnections are utilized for interfacing the gadgets with the LCD screen. They are essential of 3 kinds that are:
    Picking a connector type!!! For the prototyping stage, or on the other hand, on the off chance that you need to interface your LCD show on a Microcontroller straightforwardly, a pin-type connector is the most practical choice you have. On the off chance that you need to associate your LCD show in an eventual outcome with a high volume of creation which additionally needs to be incredibly sturdy and yet ought not to occupy a ton of room, a Flex type LCD Connector will turn out best for you.

    LCD interconnections

    6. Review Angle Direction in LCD Displays

    LCDs have restricted survey points, and when seen from a point, they lose contrast and are hard to be noticed. The review point is characterized by the points opposite to the focal point of the showcase towards its right, left, up, and down, which are meant by the documentations separately. The review point of LCD can be characterized as the point with respect to the inclination point at which the difference of fragments is neat.

    Viewing angles of LCD displays

    7. LCD Light channel

    Against glare, channels are reinforced with the top polarizing channels utilizing glue. It works on the perceptibility by re-coordinating light waves, so they don’t reflect towards the watcher, decreasing glare.

    LCD light channel

    8. Background analysis for planning a custom LCD

    We intended to plan an air quality checking framework for which we required a custom fragment LCD board for an air quality observing gadget. Our item needs to show the accompanying information.
    We understood that it was difficult to give this load of information in a nonexclusive LCD accessible on the lookout, consequently chose to assemble a custom LCD for our undertaking.

    Benefits of Custom Segment Displays

    • Smallest Expense
      Compared with other LCD screen innovations, custom segment display LCDs presentations offer high-volume applications with the least expensive custom answer.
    • High Contrast
      By plan, a sectioned presentation screen grandstands dynamic differences among noticeable and secret components.
    • Low unit cost
      Low forthcoming tooling cost. Assessed tooling or NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) cost for a custom section LCD can run as low as $900.This one-time charge permits item engineers to plan and construct the specific presentation they need for their item and stay inside their strict spending plan.
      Add as numerous or scarcely any differing symbols as you need
    • Low Power Consumption
      A Custom segment display LCD is a practical, low-power show alternative to use inside your item plan. At Displaytech, we are here to assist you with picking the best LCD answer for your item. Begin planning your exclusively portioned show.
    • Fast lead times
      Lead time for the custom segment shows model examples are, for the most part, not precisely numerous different sorts of show innovation.

    Benefits of custom segment LCD displays

    9. Typical Technology utilized in Segment LCD Displays

    Before we make a plunge, you should think about the normal plan phrasings related to section shows and what they mean.

    10. Conclusion

    A custom segment display LCD can assist you with customizing your item while likewise saving the general expense of your item. The entire cycle will take you around 2-3 months, which will incorporate the planning stage, prototyping stage, and getting your custom fragment LCDs conveyed to your doorstep. Higher requesting amounts will lessen the expense per piece of every unit, subsequently driving down the cost of your eventual outcome.

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