Brief Description About Custom LCD Modules Display

Nov 29, 2021 | Articles

Brief description about custom LCD display modules


  1. What is a custom Lcd display?
  2. What Are The Types Of Custom LCD Displays?
  3. What Are The Uses of LCD?
  4. What size can a custom LCD Screen be?
  5. What are the custom LCD screen shapes?
  6. Custom LCD manufacturers

Are you looking for a custom LCD and wonder what kinds of displays would be suitable for your business?
Here we guide the different custom display modes, about LCD size, the shape, and manufacture of custom LCD

1. What is a custom LCD display?

An LCD is (liquid-crystal display) is a smooth screen Electronically modified device that uses the light modulating liquid crystals properties that combine with polarizers.
Liquid crystals don’t release light directly, normally it will need backlight to show the inner icons and letters. But reflective LCDs do not need backlight, it has a reflective polarizer to show the inner icons and letters.
Custom LCDs are prepared to display general-purpose optional images or hidden low information content. LCDs can be positive or negative, depending on the applications of final products. Positive mode is white background and black letters; Negative mode is black background and white letters.
The TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DFSTN are different from the polarizers and liquid crystal materials.
Transmissive, transflective and reflective modes are different from polarizer types.
To be frank, custom LCDs are easy to understand. You can pick up a LCD from your daily applications as an example. Like a clock, normally it is TN, positive reflective mode, 6 o’clock, temperature range is 0 to 50 degrees, because it is used in homes.
The most complex question is which place will the LCD be applied. If you can figure that out, then it will be easy to choose which kind of LCD you need. Then we can make custom designs for that.

What is a custom LCD display

2. What are the types of custom LCD displays?

There are many types of Liquid crystal displays that you need to choose from. Some are modern technology, and others are older types of displays.
There are some categories, and types of the LCD are:

Monochrome can be divided into:

  • Graphic LCD
  • Segment LCD


  • CSTN(Kind of STN)
  • TFT
  • Silk-Printing for monochrome LCD(TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DSTN, VA)

What are the types of custom LCD display

3. What are the uses of LCD?

  • LCDs are used in LCD televisions, aircraft cockpit displays, instrument panels, computer monitors, and indoor and outdoor signage in a wide range of applications.
  • Small custom LCD screens are popular in portable consumer and LCD projectors devices such as watches, calculators, digital cameras, digital clocks, and smartphones or mobile telephones.
  • LCD panels are also on consumer electronics products like video game devices or DVD players.
  • LCD screens are available with a broad range of screen sizes than plasma displays.
  • LCDs are slowly easily replaced, which have a wider color range, sizes that can be easily available in different shapes, and have a slow consumption time.

But here in this article, we don’t talk about TFT LCDs, we are more focused on monochrome LCDs. Especially segment LCDs.

What are the uses of LCD?

Designing Your Custom LCD

We always support our customers with custom LCD modules from medical, automotive, and test appliances to industrial applications. Whether your idea needs a small LCD module or even completely specialized experienced customer support, our team guides you and helps you design your custom display screen.
The process works with you supplying your dimensions and sharing artwork. Our specialist will guide you and guide you on the most practical design for your project. This process includes the need for a brief design of LCD, the type of interface, power consumption backlight options, space constraints, temperature ranges, viewing angles etc.

Designing your custom LCD

Monochrome LCD

Sometimes it is used as a good option for businesses wanting a simple display with effective cost. Such types of panels are used for that type of product, like thermometers and power meters. If you do not know which kind of display is best or not to use, you should ask yourself: Do you need color display features and graphics? If your display does not need all the whistles of graphics and color options, you must use a monochrome display that is a sensible choice for growing your business.

Monochrome LCD

Graphic LCDs

Graphic LCDs are a common option for applications that need to display many different ideas. You need the ability to display several different font sizes and fonts. It also can provide optimal sunlight legibility with low consumption power.


  • Fully customizable 
  • Ability to display fully changeable graphics
  • Sunlight readable
  • Low power consumption

Graphic LCD

Segment LCDs

Sometimes they are a good option for businesses that are looking for a simple display that is cost-effective. Segment LCDs show fixed images and icons and letters. So its power consumption is much less than graphic LCDs.(Here we treat other factors the same). Although it showed fixed information, the design of it is more complex than a graphic LCD, because its inner logic circuits cost more time to design.


  • Contains letters and icons.
  • Relatively lowest power consumption
  • Sunlight readable
  • Fully customizable

Segment LCD

4. What size can a custom LCD Screen be?

Custom LCD screens are available in various sizes ranging from small digital watches to very large televisions or used as glass or plastic panels, where LCDs use two glass panels.
You can measure the size in inches from corner to corner, and almost any size is available.

What size can a custom LCD screen be?

What is the largest possible size?

The largest LCD we can make is 460*360mm. Because the whole glass panel size is 470*370mm, we need to cut 5mm on each side to keep the glass in good condition.

What is the largest possible size?

What is the smallest possible size?

There is a higher interest in a small custom LCD Display module. As a common rule, the larger the size of the screen, the more expensive the cost of the display. At present, the minimum size of the display that we have designed and mass-produced can reach 10*10mm.

What is the smallest possible size?

5. What are the custom LCD screen shapes?

We can produce square, rectangular, circular, hexagonal, octagonal, and other special-shaped screens. Due to the high process requirements for special-shaped screens, the price is often higher than that of ordinary-shaped screens. . The price may differ by three to four times.

What are the custom LCD screen shapes?

6. LCD display manufacturers

Different companies hold different advantages on LCDs. Some may be professional in graphics and some may be good at segments. And some may be good at TFT, others are good at OLED. Different companies also have their strength on different sizes of LCDs.
And normally, we differ from other companies in our customer’s applications. Most of our customers are car factories, bike factories, and motorcycle factories. Also industrial meters factories.

LCD display manufacturers

The list of good LCD manufacturers:

  • CreateXplay
  • Epson
  • AU Optronics.
  • Pioneer
  • LXD Incorporated
  • BOE (bought Hydis)
  • Casio
  • Chimei
  • LG Display.

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