Segment LCD VS Graphic LCD. Which is better?

Aug 9, 2021 | Articles

Segment LCD vs Graphics LCD Which is better


  • 1. LCD Introduction
  • 2. The pros of Graphic LCD
  • 3. The Cons Of Graphic LCD
  • 4. The pros of Segment LCD 
  • 5. The Cons of Segment LCD 
  • 6. Conclusion


Are you interested to know which is the better segment LCD or Graphic LCD?

We have described all information in this article about segment LCD and Graphic LCD.

1. Liquid crystal display (LCD)

LCD Introduction

has material that combines the properties of both liquid and gems. They have a temperature range inside which the particles are just about as versatile as they may be in a fluid. Anyway, they assembled in a request structure like a gem. A static display case is a section show with one pin for each one segment. 

Segment LCD shows digits and scarcely any characters. Segmented LCDs are monochrome liquid crystal displays where the elements on the panel are divided into segments that can either be visible/ON or hidden/OFF.

A Graphic LCD is commonly required when the showcase of something other than text is required. A considerable lot of the LCD regulators on our graphic LCD shows likewise incorporate a CGROM (character generator ROM) to have the option of effectively utilizing characters just as illustrations. A portion of our graphic LCD shows can deliver designs in grayscale, empowering you to show pictures and components of your (UI) with more profundity and definition.

Graphic LCD showing monochrome designs LCD shows or spot grid LCD shows have been in need for quite a long while.

2. What Are The Pros Of Graphical Lcd

The pros of Graphic LCD

The machine structure circuit is basic modularization, and high incorporation of the chip is sufficient to limit the electromagnetic radiation produced when the circuit works.

  • Zero Radiation
  • Low Energy Utilization
  • Low Warmth Dispersal
  • In good supply and light

Graphic lcds are easy to produce and can be applied on different products, meanwhile it is very light, easy to move and installation.

  • Exact Picture Rebuilding

The LCD includes the direct computerized tending to show mode, which can straightforwardly show the signal yield from the CPU on the LCD. It shows pictures by redirecting curls that produce electromagnetic fields to control the occasional checking of the electron bar on the screen.

  • Show Character Sharpness

The image is steady and doesn’t glimmer. The particular showcase guideline of LCD discovers that all pixels on the screen show equally. The signal is sent straightforwardly to the rear of the pixels to drive the pixel. And theoretically, the ratio of monochrome screens tends to be infinite.

  •  Simple Screen Change

The direct tending to show the method of an LCD show makes the screen change of LCD show need not all that much mathematical change and straight change just as the position change of show content. You simply need to physically change the brilliance and differentiation of the screen to make the machine work at its best.

3. The Cons of Graphic LCD

The Cons Of Graphic LCD

  •  Cost

Even though said to be low cost, if people need different requirements for the LCD, the price will still be high. For example, -30 to 80 degrees temperature range, DFSTN modes, with RGB backlights and silk printing, also need to be made into a COG module. Specialists say the greatness of LCD screens is predominantly because of the low yield rate in the assembling cycle, bringing about an expense that can’t be diminished.

As of now, just Some makers in Japan and Taiwan can deliver LCD screens, the innovation has not spread, there has not been a cutthroat circumstance of large-scale manufacturing, and the quality is additionally altogether different. The value distinction between various grades can be just about tens to many dollars in the global market.

  • Interfaces  

Advanced interfaces for LCD shows (LCDs) are desolate at the top. Right off the bat, the sign misfortune and impedance can be decreased during the time spent in simple-to-computerized transformation. Decrease the relating change circuits and segments; secondly, there is no compelling reason to change the clock recurrence and vector.

In any case, a large portion of the low-evaluated LCDs available utilize simple interfaces, which have issues like weak sign transmission impedance, the need to add simple-to-computerized transformation circuits inside the showcase, and the powerlessness to move up to advanced interfaces. Additionally, to stay away from the event of pixel glint, the clock recurrence, vector, and simple sign should be reliable.

What’s more, LCD advanced interfaces have not yet been normalized, and CARDS with computerized yield are uncommonly available. Come in this way, the vital benefit of the LCD show is brought into full play hard, in any case. For the time being, the aftereffect of early utilization is an expensive showcase.

  • Little Viewing Angle

Early LCDs had a visual redirection Angle of just 90 degrees and must be seen from the front, with more prominent brilliance and shading bending when seen from the side. LCD shows now available ordinarily have a visual avoidance Angle of around 140 degrees, which is sufficient for individual use; however, if few individuals are watching simultaneously, the issue of mutilation becomes obvious.

  • The Relating Time is Excessively Lazy

Reaction time is an exceptional marker of LCD. The reaction season of the LCD show alludes to the reaction speed of every pixel of the presentation to the information signal. On the off chance that the reaction time is short, there will be no picture following while showing the moving picture. This is significant when messing around and watching a quick video. 

A quick enough reaction time guarantees a steady picture. As of now, the reaction season of standard LCD shows available has made an incredible advancement in contrast to the past ones, which is by and large about 40ms. Yet, it neglects to satisfy the need for 3D games and great DVD films.

  • Low Brilliance and Differentiation

Do you need an electric lamp? The joke is about the brilliance and differentiation of LCD screens. Since fluid gem atoms can’t discharge light without anyone else, LCD shows need to depend on outside light sources to help with transmitting light. As a rule, 140 lumens for each square meter is sufficient. There is as yet a hole between the boundary guidelines of certain makers and the genuine principles. It ought to be noticed that some little LCD used to be chiefly utilized in PCs, two lights change, so their splendor and differentiation are not excellent.

  •  Upkeep Issues

The material of the LCD, for the most part, is made of glass, which is easy to break. So when we produce LCD modules, and deliver them, also when customers make the installation we should be careful. And it’s easy to leave some finger print on the screens. So we need to wear finger cots when taking or installing the LCD screen.

4. What Are The Pros Of Segment Displays?

The pros of Segment LCD

Even though Segment holds a long history, they don’t like TFT and OLED, which can show different colorful images and letters. But it is still widely used.


The following are key reasons why individuals continue to plan these LCD shows into new items.

  • Most minimal Piece Price

The unit cost of segment LCD is less, with the same size, same temperature range, same viewing angle requirements, and other factors.

  • Most Minimal Tooling Fee

The tooling expense for a custom presentation is the most reduced of the relative multitude of advancements. It permits the client to get an LCD fabricated to the specific measurements mentioned, including custom symbols and segments. Center LCDs offer a one-time NRE (Non-repeating designing) or tooling charge. This incorporates all plans, specialized help, and tests.

  • Low Power Consumption

Segment shows require less force than other showcase innovations. This makes these LCDs ideal for applications that are battery fueled or sunlight-based controlled. They require the least ability to drive and are expected 2uA per centimeter squared. Glass just requires an expected 10% of the force needed for a LED backdrop illumination.

5. Cons of Segment LCD

The Cons of Segment LCD

Except the cost is cheaper than a graphic LCD, it has the disadvantages of a graphic LCD. We can treat graphic LCD and segment LCD as twins. And segment lcd can only display fixed images and icons and letters when the design is finished. If you wanna make any change, you will need to make a new mold.

6. Conclusion

It is concluded that both segment and graphic LCD have pros and cons but from the above discussion. You will find there is no one to exceed, it’s according to your actual needs. And you can find the best and high-quality monochrome segment LCD at CrreateXplay, We will give you proper suggestions. We are specialized in monochrome graphic LCD and monochrome segment LCD, and we provide TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, and DFSTN LCD at reasonable prices.

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